Brand Coaching + Design
For Coaches, Therapists, + Creatives

Helping you own your unique brilliance and build a
stand-out brand that gets you paid for being yourself

I’m all about creating a holistic coaching
and design experience, customized to YOU.

My approach is to create a safe environment where you feel comfortable expressing your true self and where all parts of you are seen and valued.

My mission is to help you stand out and feel empowered to own your uniqueness, and to create an elevated brand identity grounded in *you*, through coaching or design, that attracts clients who light you up and helps you get paid well for what you do well.

It’s time to step into your next level of business success… one that effortlessly draws the right people to you and allows you to stand out as your unique self and earn more.

Hi, I’m Haylee.

I’m a brand coach and designer, and I love working with coaches, therapists, and online entrepreneurs who want to change the world, connect on a soul level with those meant for them, and create a ripple effect that extends far beyond their transformative work. 

I specialize in taking that next level version of yourself that you can feel internally and helping you translate it into the external, through your brand, in a way that connects directly to the hearts (and wallets) of the right clients for you… And quite honestly, my clients tell me all the time how accurately I’m able to connect to their unique energy and help them translate that into a stand-out brand that allows the right people to just “get it”. 

With 14+ years experience in the creative industry as a film editor, portrait photographer, and now brand coach and designer, I believe that connecting who you really are (at a deep soul level) to your brand is the key to taking your business to the next level, and what allows you to truly resonate with soulmate clients and get paid well for what you do well. 

You possess unique gifts that are yours alone. It is my deepest joy to help you share them with the world and ensure that they are reflected in how you show up while building your brand, how you share what you only you can share, and how you strategically market yourself so that you’re able to reach (and exceed) your specific business goals.

How can we create brand magic together?

1:1 Brand Coaching

A 4-month coaching experience to help you see yourself clearly, own your unique brilliance, and build a strategic, stand-out brand that allows you to express yourself (without just repeating what you hear everyone else say online) and speak directly to the hearts (and wallets) of the people who most need what you have to offer.

Fully Expressed + Fully Booked: 90-min Brand Coaching Intensive

A 90-minute coaching session where you’ll walk away with embodied clarity on how to stand out online, articulate your innate value, and get paid for your unique gifts.

Brand + Website Design

Together, we’ll create a stunning, highly converting, stand-out visual brand identity + website that captures your unique energy, resonates with soulmate clients and gets you paid.

The Being All Of You Podcast

The podcast for the multi-passionate entrepreneur and the multi-dimensional human who feels like they’ve been holding back or following someone else’s rules, and wants to break out of the box they’ve found themselves trapped in, and break through into their next level of business and life

kind words from coaching + design clients

“Haylee has a natural way of hearing the unsaid, gently nurturing you through the design process and really bringing your website vision to life, but making it BETTER!

“Haylee has a really special way of digging deep to truly understand the essence of who you are and what you are trying to create.”

“Haylee connected major dots for me and gave me such profound insights into how I can more accurately represent myself + my business, while really owning my uniqueness and authenticity.”

“Haylee pointed out many things that weren’t immediately obvious to me, and it felt like those pieces of my business that had been feeling tricky for months clicked into place and made way more sense.”

“Haylee pointed out something about me that I took for granted, then worded it in a way I hadn’t thought of, which left me valuing myself more and realizing how I was different.

“Haylee understood my vision better than I could even articulate.

“I have such a deeper understanding of how I can share what I do in a way that connects with clients… our call was incredibly freeing and permission-giving.”

my recent design work.

If this is resonating with you, I’d love to talk about how I can support you in building a stand-out brand that’s grounded in who you are and that also gets you paid.