Brand Coaching

If you’re ready to build and grow a stand-out brand, grounded in who you are, that attracts clients who are aligned with you on a soul level and are excited to pay you for your unique gifts, I’m thrilled you’re here.

Book a free coaching call below to talk about how I can support you in standing out online and getting paid. Clients have had breakthroughs and created results from this one call alone.

Deep down, you know you’re completely one of a kind and your unique gifts are life-changing for the people that need them. 

You have this deep inner knowing, and yet you… 

– Continue to shrink back from boldly sharing the things you want to say to your potential clients that will actually transform their lives and compel them to hire you for your genius

– Keep stalking that coach you’re jealous of, trying to copy how she shows up and hoping it’ll lead to your own success and break through the income ceiling you’ve found yourself under

– Fearfully dim down your innate uniqueness and show up in your business as a smaller, held back version of who you really are, which doesn’t really connect in a real way with the clients meant for you

And what ends up happening is: 

– You stay stuck at the same income level and feel like you have to prove or justify your value to people who don’t understand why they should specifically hire YOU

– You limit your ability to grow to your next level of success in an aligned way that feels really good to you, or feel like the success you desire is available for everyone except you because you just can’t figure out how to share your unique magic

– You miss out on the opportunities to connect more in depth and build meaningful relationships with clients that you love (and who love to pay you!)

Let’s be real — building a unique, profitable brand that allows you to show up in the fullness of who you are can feel like baring your naked soul.

I know how freaking hard it can feel as a business owner to express who you actually are through your brand, figure out the words to talk about your work in a way that makes sense to you and your audience, know the right actions to take to stand out clearly amongst all the other people doing the exact same thing as you, and feel like the clients meant for you can actually *see* YOU and are excited to hire you. 

It can feel like there’s a barrier between who you know yourself to be inside AND actually showing up and letting people *see* all of YOU so they know you’re the one for them.

That’s where I come in as your brand coach.

"I feel liberated and relieved."

Haylee connected major dots for me and gave me such profound insights into how I can more accurately represent myself and my business, while really owning my uniqueness and authenticity.

– Steph Orosco, Business Coach + Mentor

"Empowered to a whole other level!"

After our intensive, I actually felt such a stronger connection to and appreciateion for myself. I felt less self-judgment and more excitement about who I am and all that I have to offer… empowered to a whole other level.

– Danielle, Therapist and Relationship Coach

"It felt like those pieces of my business that had been feeling tricky for months clicked into place and made way more sense."

I have such a deeper understanding of how I can share what I do in a way that connects with clients. Our strategy call was incredibly freeing and permission-giving. Haylee is SO good at what she does, and she makes the brand coaching experience so comfortable and fun!

– Steph Orosco, Business Coach + Mentor

I know without a doubt that how you show up and build a brand online is a direct mirror to your inner world and vice versa. And when you’re able to bridge that gap between the magic inside of you and sharing it with the world… that’s when you unlock your true potential for mind-blowing results. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 5.5 years, built and booked out 2 successful businesses, have seen behind the scenes of literally dozens of other businesses, and helped countless clients express more of their uniqueness and earn more money, simply by expressing who they are and their unique truth, through both design and coaching.

So I know what works to build a successful booked out business full of dream clients, and I’ve combined my years of experience into a proven brand strategy framework that helps you create a solid strategic foundation to uncover and unleash your unique brand expression…

My framework is specifically designed to get you results, whether that’s pre-qualifying the right people through your content marketing so that you’re attracting ONLY clients who are perfectly aligned or knowing exactly how to share the transformative value of your work so that you can sell (and convert!) with so much more ease. 

After working in the creative industry for 14+ years, with a background in psychology and philosophy, and being a Reiki master, I bring a unique skillset and experience to brand coaching that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

And I’m positive that this is what allows my coaching clients to have big breakthroughs, show up in a way that lights them up, and create results in such a short amount of time.

Here’s what’s possible for you when we work together:

Giving yourself the freedom to own and show up as ALL of you online (without filtering, doubt, or second-guessing) AND know that potential clients will be *even more* drawn to you and show up with credit cards ready

Getting on calls with perfect fit clients, feeling so excited and empowered, because you’re 100% sold on yourself and what you do and know how to confidently talk about your work in a way that naturally feels like you 

Nailing your sales process and never having to try to convince someone about your prices again, because the person on the other side feels so connected and can’t wait to hire YOU at any price point

I’m here to support you with:


I’ll help you see yourself clearly, own your unique brilliance, and create a simple brand strategy that allows you to express yourself (without just repeating what you hear everyone else say online), build consistent momentum, and speak directly to the hearts (and wallets) of the people who most need what you have to offer


I’ll teach you how to ditch the confusion and self-doubt, and nail a sales process that feels empowering both to you and to your people on the receiving end, so that you’re able to sign more paying clients with ease on repeat


Together, we’ll focus on the right money-making actions to create a consistent stream of leads who understand the immense value of your work, feel safe and connected to you, and are ready to invest


We’ll lean into mindset and personal development work to develop your self trust and confidence, move through limiting beliefs, and shift into an elevated personal brand identity, allowing you to show up in a more embodied way so that your audience can feel and connect with the real YOU

Your 4-month brand coaching
experience includes:

– A 90-minute deep-dive coaching intensive to lay the foundation for our time together and determine the key areas we’ll be focusing on

– (7) 60-minute coaching calls focused on you, your brand, and whatever you need support with, to help you deepen your unique brand expression, work through any limiting beliefs or fears that may arise along the way, and get super clear on the right actions to take to market yourself and sign paying clients 

– Unlimited messaging support between calls in Slack for processing, questions, brainstorming, sharing wins, asking for support or accountability

– A true partner and coach by your side so that you feel supported every step of the way in growing a brand grounded in who you are and that transforms lives, so that you can build steady momentum into the next evolution of your business


$3,444 paid in full or $888/month for 4 months

Ready to build a brand that expresses more of who you really are, stand out to the right people online, and get paid well for your unique gifts?



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