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Does it feel really hard to show up in your business? ⁣

Overthinking every post and reworking it until it’s perfect.⁣
Posting and then immediately checking for comments, likes, or DMs.⁣
Refreshing your email right after pitching your offer, waiting for the signups to come in.⁣

This pattern of putting pressure on every little thing and then second guessing if it’s all actually working is slowing your roll (and your results) in a big way. And there’s nothing I want more for you than for business to feel lighter and like you can show up sustainably and in momentum for the long run. ⁣

That’s why this episode is for my perfectionists and high-achievers who loveee to overthink everything and dig up the seeds before they’ve had time to bloom 🪴 (and also they want them to bloom like yesterday 😉)⁣

Tune in to episode 2 as I share: ⁣

✨ How putting pressure on your business and each action you take is actually draining your energy and decreasing your capacity for what will actually move the needle ⁣

✨ A powerful shift that I share with my clients to help you build and stay in momentum while showing up in your biz⁣

✨ The mindset to adopt when you’re looking around and wondering why it “isn’t working” yet, so that you don’t take yourself out of momentum and possible results⁣

✨ Client examples to help make this shift more concrete for you and why it’s the BEST thing you can do for yourself to help call in results faster⁣


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