I never (ever) saw myself as an entrepreneur and now I can’t imagine my life any other way.

Funny how the Universe always gives us exactly what we want right?

(Even when we don’t always see it for ourselves 😉)

Looking back on it now, my life has followed an unconventional path
that’s brought me to exactly where I’m meant to be.

Hi! I’m Haylee.

I’m a brand coach and designer for coaches, therapists, and online entrepreneurs and my superpower is taking that next level version of yourself that you can feel internally and helping you translate it into the external, through your brand, in a way that connects directly to the hearts (and wallets) of the right clients for you… And quite honestly, my clients tell me all the time how accurately I’m able to connect to their unique energy and help them translate that into a stand-out brand that allows the right people to just “get it”. 

With an eclectic blend as a NYU film school grad, world traveler, portrait photographer, and my healing background as a Reiki Master, I’m able to offer a holistic approach to coaching and design unlike anyone else.

I believe that when your brand is grounded in your unique energy, who you are is allowed to shine through and is reflected back in you in the clients and income you attract. I also believe both stunning design and highly-converting brand strategy are necessary to allow your brand to work FOR you and to effortlessly attract clients who are 100% aligned with you and the transformation you facilitate.

I love using my intuition to tap into each clients’ unique energy so that their brands connect to who they are on a soul level, so that they can continue to deeply impact others with their incredible work and get paid well for what they do well.

I believe when each of us is fully expressing our innately unique gifts and talents, we all benefit and the ripple effect continues ever outward.

So what path did I follow to get to where I am today?

I’m so glad you asked.

After graduating from NYU film school a semester early (I loved it but was growing tired of NYC and craved something new and different), I decided to move to Florence, Italy for a year to pursue a photography program, focusing on photojournalism …And for the pasta and wine of course!

Even though my family had traveled quite a bit growing up, living in Italy opened my eyes to the world in a completely new way and allowed me to travel more extensively.

Ever since I was young, I’ve been endlessly curious and fascinated by people, what drives them, what their stories are. I’m always down for a deeper conversation and diving into the fascinating eccentricities of life and philosophy.

Upon returning to the US, I didn’t feel compelled to stay in NYC and decided to move “back home” to upstate New York.  The energy, the nature and the slower pace of life close to my hometown was what I desired, even if it meant less job options.

I didn’t realize it at the time but finding a “normal” job just wasn’t for me.

*narrator’s voiceover: little did Haylee know, what was to come would be beyond her wildest dreams* 

I ended up working as a school photographer for four years (yes, I was the one trying to get your kids to smile!) and while it was long hours and lots of travel to all of the schools in the surrounding states, I met so many amazing people and really proved to myself that I could adapt to any situation. It also pulled me out of my shy shell, empowered me and allowed me to interact with so many different humans on a daily basis.

At a certain point, I knew this wasn’t what I wanted anymore and had this deep knowing that there was something greater available for me. 

Interestingly enough, pretty much everyone else in my family had their own business, but up until that point, it hadn’t felt like a real possibility for me. Job opportunities were slim to none in any creative fields in the area, so with a ton of support from my family, I decided to take the leap and start my own business as a virtual assistant. 

Quickly I filled out my client roster serving coaches and other creative entrepreneurs, and over the course of three years, I booked my business to capacity and brought on two team members to help support my clients. 

It became obvious to me that this freedom and ability to dictate my own life was everything I had been looking for.

I adored my clients and supporting them in growing their businesses felt extremely rewarding.

But a few years in, I was finding it less than rewarding and more of a grind. I had moved away from the joy of owning my own business to feeling trapped, uninspired, and was missing more of the creative work. If there’s anything I’ve become good at and proved to myself over and over, it’s that even though it’s scary, I’m very in touch with myself, following my heart and great at a pivot. 

Through years of supporting online coaches and creatives behind the scenes in their businesses, as well as sharpening my design skills during that time, I decided that that was what I truly desired to do full time.

Flashforward through months of transition, I finally created the life and business I desired! Web design services slowly expanded into branding services, which grew into brand strategy and coaching, and I can say with full confidence that now 5 years in, my business feels like home and supporting clients and building relationships in this way is deeply nourishing to my soul. 

Through all of the twists and turns over the years, it’s become clear to me that the Universe always has a plan and when we learn to trust in it, life can truly start to blow your mind!

Today, when I’m helping MY dream clients own their uniquness and bring their brands into reality, I can see how my past business and life experience has made me uniquely suited to support them as they grow into the next level of their business journey.

Through our work together, my intention is that you feel supported in building a strategic brand that’s a reflection of who you are, AND feel confident and empowered in how you show up, because it authentically represents YOU.

If you’ve made it this far, I bet you’re my kinda person.
Here’s a few things you’d learn about me over tea.

Places Lived:

Beacon, New York
New York City
Florence, Italy


Reading under a blanket on the couch or perched high atop a rock overlooking a stunning view (duality right?)


Enneagram 9 (Peacemaker)
Manifesting Generator

Top Travels:


Life & Biz Values:

Curiosity, creativity, individuality, inclusivity, clear communication, honesty!

In love with:

My husband and our 2 cats

Foods I Love:

Anything Indian or Thai…
give me a curry with some heat and I’m set!

Drink of choice:

Earl Grey tea with honey