Brand Design

Let’s take all of who you are and amplify it into…

a memorable and magnetic brand.

It’s time to get your vibe right so that you attract clients who resonate with you
on a soul level and are happy to pay you well for what you do well.

Here’s how it works:
Your energy creates a resonance in others,
which stirs within them a feeling,
which effortlessly draws them in to you.

Your energy is what turns potential clients into paying clients.

When your energy is captured in such a way that it represents
exactly who you are, and is paired with stunning brand visuals,
backed by highly converting, intentional strategy,
this is what happens:⁣⁣⁠

Your brand become a major supportive piece of your sales process, allowing you to easily pre-qualify clients because the right ones know they are 100% for you and the wrong ones fall away

– You only get on sales calls or engage in the DMs with people who really get YOU, solely because they connect to your vibe and know on a deep level that you’re the person they want to hire

– You’re booked out months in advance and have waitlists out the door because your brand is recognizable and sells for you constantly (even if you’re not launching)

You introduce a new offer and immediately have dream clients jump on it with credit cards ready because you’ve built up so much trust and credibility through your brand that your people continue to come back to you, or even better, refer you all the time (oh hello more ease!)

The reason why being intentional about building a brand that’s connected to your unique energy as you scale your business is because it shares who you are in a way that allows the right people to identify with your story and to connect with it easily. 

This is what allows you to a create a sustainable and profitable brand that will serve you for a long time.

So if you’re looking around and wondering what the secret is of all those other successful entrepreneurs you stalk online? 

This is it: they intentionally created a solid brand identity that harnesses their unique energetic signature for maximum impact.

As your business grows, it’s up to you to refine and bring into sharp focus a brand that will benefit you and keep you paid. 

It’s time to attract your next level of business success… one that has people lining up ready to work with you and allows you to stand out and effortlessly make more.

"Haylee has a really special way of digging deep to truly understand the essence of who you are and what you are trying to create with your brand and website."

– Steph Whyte, Intuitive Guide & Success Coach


“I’m so proud to share my website with other people, and the feedback I get most often is that it looks like ME.”

– Heather Butt, LCSW


“Haylee was able to translate what I thought was so vague and general into something that really represented the brand I saw for myself.”

– Laura O’Hagan, Mindset Coach + Business Strategist


"So many people have told me that my energy is jumping off the pages of my new website! Haylee understood my vision better than I could even articulate."

– Steph Orosco, Online Business Mentor


"Haylee has great vision and design talent and she came up with something way better than I could have envisioned for myself!"

– Dr. Marie Rodriguez, Naturopathic Doctor + Energy Healer


"Haylee is easy to work with, creative and really listened and cared about the look and feel I was envisioning. She made my branding come to life!"

 – Eve Bloom, Virtual Assistant


"I loved that Haylee was able to see through my cluttered vision and create a website that spoke in volumes of who I am and the women I want to help. "

 – Noor Pinna, Transformative Mindset Coach



Branding questionnaire to connect to and clarify your next level vision and goals

75 minute brand strategy call to dive deeper into what you want

– Moodboard to capture the overall vibe, look, and feel for your brand


Custom design of logo suite including primary, secondary, and submark logos for variety and flexibility of use in different applications and platforms

3 rounds of revisions for refinement (as needed)

Custom color palette selection (5-7 colors)

Custom typography/font selection (up to 3 fonts)


Customized recorded video demo, showing you how to use your brand elements for maximum impact

Brand style guide to allow for cohesion across your website, social media platforms, graphics, marketing materials, etc

1 week of post-launch email support for any lingering questions

Custom sharing graphics and next steps guide to help you show off your new brand and make the most out of the launch

Investment: $3,000

Timeline to complete: 6 weeks

*Payment plans available*

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