Brand Strategy Intensive

What if sharing who you are in a way that others can understand
and fully resonate with didn’t have to feel so complicated?


What if marketing your business could be just as simple as tuning into
what’s already inside of you and amplifying it
, without changing anything?

What if it could feel less like proving yourself and justifying your rates, and more like
sharing from a grounded, embodied place so that your people feel more deeply
seen, heard, and valued?

What if it felt like turning inward, bringing more into focus what
makes you so unique and special, and attracting the clients and money
that you know is meant for you, simply for being YOU?

It’s time to start connecting the dots within YOU.

So that your people know you’re the one for them and
hiring you (and paying you!) makes perfect sense. 

My 90-Minute Brand Strategy Intensive is for you if:

Have trouble describing how you do the work that comes so naturally to you and feel ready to tap back into your true nature AND have a solid strategy for how to share it with the world

– Feel lost in connecting the dots within yourself in a way that feels true and grounded and know that in order to take your business to the next level, you need more than just random posts and wishful thinking… you need a plan to connect powerfully and effortlessly with the exact right people for you

Have ever felt like you had to try too hard to legitimize your coaching, the art you create, or the healing you facilitate and know that it’s keeping you stuck… and you feel so ready to move into a place where the right people just KNOW you’re for them and paying you for your magical transformation makes perfect sense

kind words from brand strategy clients

“Haylee has a natural way of hearing the unsaid, gently nurturing you through the design process and really bringing your website vision to life, but making it BETTER!

“Haylee has a really special way of digging deep to truly understand the essence of who you are and what you are trying to create.”

“Haylee connected major dots for me and gave me such profound insights into how I can more accurately represent myself + my business, while really owning my uniqueness and authenticity.”

“Haylee pointed out many things that weren’t immediately obvious to me, and it felt like those pieces of my business that had been feeling tricky for months clicked into place and made way more sense.”

“Haylee pointed out something about me that I took for granted, then worded it in a way I hadn’t thought of, which left me valuing myself more and realizing how I was different.

“Haylee understood my vision better than I could even articulate.

“I have such a deeper understanding of how I can share what I do in a way that connects with clients… our call was incredibly freeing and permission-giving.”

My Proven Brand Strategy Framework

Developed from my 5+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, having been behind the scenes of countless businesses as a virtual assistant, bringing to life dozens of brands + websites as a designer, and now as a coach supporting clients in building brands grounded in who they are.⁣⁠

After seeing many of the same patterns and transformations while working with clients over the years, I *know* this progressive framework has helped them achieve big results like: booking a discovery call within a week of implementing a new content strategy, getting an ROI several times over within just a couple months, a stream of consistent clients who are already sold on them before they even get on a call, and helping them feel confident in raising their rates so that they’re compensated well for their unique gifts.⁣⁠


This is the foundation of your energetic signature and special attraction point, usually connecting your personality, experience, + skillset, so that you stand out to the right people.⁣⁠


The “vibe” people feel when interacting with every aspect of your brand, usually translated through how you show up + your brand visuals, which creates a distinct resonance.⁣⁠


The humanity of your brand, what connects and resonates with your people, usually includes your values, motivation, + vision, which creates an emotional connection.⁣⁠


Brings people into the potential and transformation of what it’s like working with you, which creates safety and trust and builds relationships.⁣⁠

I know that your clients are transformed on a soul level from working with you. There’s nothing I want more than for you to feel clear and confident sharing your gifts with the world… and for you to have a brand strategy plan customized to YOU, so that your people just “get it” and for you to get paid well for the work that you love.

Are you ready to embody who you really are so that you can call in the results meant for you?

Your Inclusions:

– Personalized attention on you and your business

– A safe space for expression, discovery, and strategizing

– Clarity you didn’t know you were lacking

– My intuitive approach, background in psychology and energy healing, + years of branding and design experience working with a variety of clients across many industries

– Support through my proven brand strategy framework of Brand Uniqueness, Brand Energy, Brand Story, and Brand Experience

The Details:

– One 90-minute intensive session focused on you and your business

– A simple brand strategy action plan you can implement and execute on immediately to touch on all areas of your business

– Customized recap of everything discussed during the call

– 1 week of email support for any lingering questions, processing, or content review

– BONUS: If you decide you want to continue working together with my branding and web design package, the payment of your intensive will be credited towards your branding and design package!

Investment: $800



Get massive clarity on what makes you unique and 2 action steps to help you stand out online + get paid for being yourself


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