Brand Design

Let’s take all of who you are and amplify it through
a memorable and magnetic brand. 

It’s time to get your vibe right so that you attract clients who resonate with you
on a soul level and are happy to pay you well for what you do well.

What’s possible when you have an authentic brand…

– Selling out your program before it’s even launched, solely because people connect to your vibe (and are all up in your DMs because they can’t wait to be in your life-changing energy)

– Booking out months in advance with a waitlist out the door because your brand is recognizable, magnetic and sells for you constantly (even when you’re not launching)

– Introducing a new offer and immediately having dream clients jump on it with credit cards ready because you’ve built up so much trust and credibility through your brand that the right people just know it’s for them (oh hello less sales calls!)

The reason why building a brand is so effective (and truly NECESSARY as you scale your business) is because it shares who you are in a way that allows people to identify with your story and to connect with it easily. 

It represents you in such a way that you can be sure the right people are attracted and the wrong people know they are 100% not for you… and that’s a good thing!

So if you’re looking around and wondering what the secret is of all those other successful entrepreneurs you stalk online? 

They don’t have one.

They have become their own secret weapon and built that into a solid brand identity. As your business grows, it’s up to you to refine and bring into sharp focus a brand that will benefit you (and keep you paid) for a very long time. 

It’s time to attract your next level of business success… one that has people lining up ready to work with you and allows you to stand out and effortlessly make more.


Branding questionnaire to clarify your vision and goals

45 minute strategy call to dive deeper into what you want

– Moodboard to capture the vibe, look and feel for your overall branding


– Custom primary logo design

– Secondary logo design

– Submark logo design

– Custom color palette (section of 5-6 colors)

– Custom typography selection (up to 3 fonts)


– 3 rounds of revisions included

– Customized recorded video demo, showing you how to use your brand elements

– Brand style guide to allow for cohesion across your website, social media platforms and all graphics

– 2 weeks of post-launch email support

Investment: $3,000

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