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Did you know that worrying is actually a HABIT you perpetuate yourself? 🤯⁣

AND that if you desire, you can learn how to break the worry loop and cultivate way more peace in your life + business, which sets you up for creating more of what you want, but with a more regulated nervous system and strengthened self-belief alongside it?⁣

This is why I’m so excited to welcome the lovely Yeliena Theofilatos (@mybloominghearthypnotherapy) to the podcast this week! She is an anxiety hypnotherapist for female entrepreneurs and we had such a mind-expanding conversation around the empowering choice we have in responding to what life and business send our way, how we don’t have to automatically default into worrying or anxiety, and where to start if you find yourself get caught in this loop more often than not.⁣

Tune into this episode as Yeliena and I talk about: ⁣

✨ Her personal journey with anxiety during grad school and how discovering hypnotherapy changed her life and was the catalyst to starting her business to help others with anxiety⁣

✨ Why hypnotherapy is not what you think (this part blew my mind!) and how it *actually* works⁣

✨ The 3 main reasons why we worry, how we reinforce it, and the first steps you can take to break out of the loop + start restoring calm (willpower isn’t the answer but listen in to find out what is!)⁣

✨ Yeliena’s holistic approach to shifting your energy and why it’s so necessary to start with the body BEFORE the mind to shift your beliefs and how you feel (which may be why it feels like affirmations never work for you or actually feel true!)⁣

✨ Why Yeliena empowers her clients through training them in self-hypnosis, and how you can apply this specifically to your life + business to strengthen your self-belief and create more of what you want ⁣


Yeliena Theofilatos (LMSW) is an Anxiety Hypnotherapist who specializes in working with ladies entrepreneurs, providing bespoke hypnotherapy that she creates from scratch (no scripts!) for each client to honor her existing strengths and help her build new skills for inner calm, self-trust, and resilience. Her mission is to help you break free from the worry habit, regulate your nervous system, and cultivate self-affirming beliefs so that you remain focused and inspired, no matter what storms can come your way.⁣

Connect with Yeliena on IG: @mybloominghearthypnotherapy⁣

FREE “Anchor For Inner Peace” Meditation:

Reach out to Yeliena on IG to connect about her current offers of 3 or 9 sessions that include coaching, bespoke hypnotherapy, and mini-training in self-hypnosis.⁣