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Have you ever noticed that as humans, we’re really good at staying where we are, even when it’s not where we want to be?

This week’s podcast guest says that we often “perfect our comfort zone”, which is true. AND she also shares with us how to gently bring awareness to what’s not working, so that you can start to open up to new possibilities, expand your comfort zone, and create lasting change.

I’m thrilled to welcome Alyson Chugerman (@attain_true_health) to the podcast this week! She has been a business owner for over 23 years, and is an integrative nutritionist, transformational coach, author, speaker – and also my mom!

Join us as we talk about:

✨ How my sister’s unexpected diagnosis when we were kids compelled my mom to find a different pathway to holistic wellness, which in turn ignited a deep passion and turned into a successful business

✨ Alyson’s advice for bringing awareness to where you may be living on autopilot and how to identify where you’d like to make changes (even if all you know is something needs to change but you aren’t quite sure what it is yet)

✨ The approach Alyson takes with her clients to create lasting change in any area that they choose, and how you can apply this today to gracefully navigate shifts or pivots in biz so that they feel less overwhelming + more manageable

✨ A powerful question for changing old habits or creating new ones that will reframe your motivation and help you consider the long-term impact of small everyday choices

Alyson Chugerman is the founder of Attain True Health, a private practice dedicated to raising the awareness of the profound impact food, supplementation and lifestyle choices have on our overall well being.

She has been involved in the health and wellness field for over 23 years. She is a Board Certified in Integrative Nutrition, a Health Coach and also trained in Health Kinesiology, Classical Homeopathy and Transformational Coaching.

Her passion for food has led her on a journey to educate others in the joys of healthy living and being preventative so they can age gracefully and be optimally healthy.

She specializes in weight management, digestive health, inflammation, food sensitivities and anti-aging. All of her programs are customized to allow individuals to work at their own pace, taking small steps in their daily habits that lead to great results.

She is also a sought after speaker and the #1 international best-selling author of Eat Real, Live Mindfully, Laugh Often and The Art of Success in Business and Motherhood.

Connect with Alyson on IG: @attain_true_health

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