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Have you ever felt the pressure to be more bold, controversial, or triggering online… but it’s just not who you are at all?⁣

Or maybe you feel like you *should* follow a certain strategy because it seems like everyone else online has found success that way?⁣

On Being All Of You, we’re all about releasing the pressure and dropping the should’s 🙌🏻 and this week’s podcast guest is an incredible example of showing up differently and creating results her way…

I’m thrilled to be joined by the lovely Kate Carter (@katecartercoaching), mindset coach + biz mentor for highly sensitive entrepreneurs, for a permission-giving conversation about accepting who you are (weirdness and all!) and how embracing your unique gifts is the absolute best thing you can do for yourself and others.⁣

Join us as we talk about:⁣

✨ Kate’s journey of discovering her sensitivities and how it led to radical self acceptance + gave her the freedom to show up as all of herself online (and it blew up her business too!)⁣

✨ A complete reframe for showing up online if you’ve been struggling with doing things a certain way (that doesn’t align with you) + how to find success your way⁣

✨ The superpowers of highly sensitive people that feel “wrong” at first but how leaning into them is actually really powerful and magnetic

✨ Kate’s advice on how tending to your inner world first leads to more potent content + connecting more authentically with people who resonate online⁣

✨ Two ways Kate supports her highly sensitive clients in “going first” when connecting with potential clients + how she encourages them to follow what feels most aligned to them (this will give you so much permission to do business your way AND still achieve the results you desire!)⁣


Kate is a mindset coach and business mentor supporting highly sensitive entrepreneurs to create and sell offers consistently without the overwhelm or confusion.⁣

Connect with Kate on IG: @katecartercoaching


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