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What happens when the successful, profitable business you built isn’t the business that lights you up anymore?⁣

What happens in that weird in-between stage where you’ve found something that lights you up even more, but you aren’t quite sure how to let go of the old yet?⁣

This week on Being All Of You, we’re getting REAL about what happens behind the scenes of a business pivot — both practically and how it can feel emotionally as you navigate and trust in the change before you’ve seen the results yet — and I’m so happy to be joined by my friend Lauren Cirkot (@laurencirkot), who is also a Social Media Coach and content creator.⁣

If you find yourself in the midst of navigating a pivot or are questioning what’s worked well up until this point but no longer feels so good, this transparent conversation will normalize how tricky embracing your next level can feel, even when you know it’s what you really want.⁣

Join us as we talk about:⁣

✨ Lauren’s journey from starting a business that blew up right out of college, balancing that with her corporate marketing career, getting bitten by the travel bug, starting her second business, and how she’s now bringing together ALL of her passions, experiences, and skills into the next evolution of her brand⁣

✨ What to look out for that indicates it’s time to consider a biz pivot or change + giving yourself permission to let go of what no longer lights you up⁣

✨ The importance of making space in your business to create for yourself and finding joy + enthusiasm in the content creation process⁣

✨ Holding firmer boundaries around the work you’re available for as you pivot, even when people keep asking for what you no longer want to be doing⁣

✨ Lauren’s advice for finding freedom in the evolution and how to let your online audience in on the “messy middle” of a pivot⁣



Meet Your Social Media Coach:⁣

Ready to feel empowered?⁣

From Connecticut to the world, I’ve partnered with content creators everywhere. After graduating from Iona College in 2012, my dedication to social media strategy for small businesses flourished, culminating in a transformative year in Spain and my leap into digital marketing consulting.⁣

My forte? Designing personalized social media strategies that make an impact. Leveraging my 15 years of knowledge, the latest trends and platforms, I empower content creators.⁣

My obsession with travel led me to quit the corporate world and venture on my own. “Where’s your next trip, Lauren?” is the question I hear the most!⁣

Drowning in information overload? Feeling stuck from content creation decision fatigue? I’m your guiding light. Together, we’ll tap into your potential, fine-tune your strategy, and ensure consistency and quality in every post.⁣

Connect with Lauren on IG: @laurencirkot

Connect with Lauren on TikTok: @smallbizsocialcoach and @lowironlauren⁣

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