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Ever notice how your mind loves to use the past as a way to predict the future? 🔮⁣

What I’ve found to be true is – if we truly want to open up to ALL possibilities (especially ones that haven’t yet happened in our reality) and create a different outcome, without being anchored into the past, we have to shift into feeling grounded into the present moment and let go of the attachment to the “outcomes” our brain loves to project.⁣

Because the past means nothing about you or the results you can create, unless you make it mean something and use it as a way to limit yourself, rather than expand 💗

Tune into this solo episode to hear me talk about:⁣

✨ The soccer player mindset shift that inspired this episode (I was never a sports fan until a few years ago and I love using it as a lens for business)⁣

✨ The inner work I’ve been doing lately to expand my capacity to hold it all – the good, the unexpected, the let-downs, the exciting, the days where it seems like nothing is happening – and not allowing future possibilities to feel limited by what’s already occurred⁣

✨ How you can apply this shift to yourself so that you can move forward with less pressure, more lightness and resilience, and feel more grounded and capable amidst the highs and lows of life + business⁣



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