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Sound is so powerful. It can relax you, activate you, trigger you, transport you, completely shift your energy or mood, and most of all, it grounds you fully into the present moment.

I experienced this first hand at a sound bath healing this past spring with Vinny Colandrea, a sound practitioner known locally as Reverb Yogi. I’m so excited to share this mind-expanding conversation with you all about this ancient healing practice, and we also dive deep into how sound can be used as a mirror for how we’re responding to what’s present for us, and from there, we can learn more about and reconnect with ourselves.

Join us for the first LIVE recording of Being All Of You as we talk about:

✨ Vinny’s earliest memories of sound and his journey of seeking + learning through yoga, mediation, spiritual teachers, music creation, and how it lead to sound healing

✨ How different sound frequencies can impact our mind, body, and energy and relax us into a natural meditative state of healing and reset

✨ Cultivating confidence and self trust when it comes to being more visible and allowing others to SEE you in a true way

✨ How the energy we bring to our work affects how it’s received by other people + Vinny’s approach to getting out of his mind and INTO the experience he’s creating

✨ What sound can teach us about what triggers us or what we resist or can’t control, and how we can learn to allow and work with what’s coming into our present moment

Vinny Colandrea is a sound practitioner and yogi from the Hudson Valley, New York. Vinny has studied under gong master Don Conreaux and has been producing music for over 20 years.  He is a practicing meditator, trained by yogi and mystic, Sadhguru. As a student of all religions, spirituality and awareness are the foundation for his guided meditations and conscious gatherings in sound.

Connect with Vinny on IG to learn more about his local events: @reverb_yogi 

Visit Vinny’s website for more info on private sound therapy sessions: