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If you want to experience more joy in your life + feel more fully expressed in your business, you’re likely going to rub up against the often uncomfortable edges like fear, rejection, and discomfort as you grow.

But what if instead of trying to avoid those messy edges + emotions, you learned to embrace it all as part of the journey and used it as FUEL to get to where you want to be?

As this week’s podcast guest says: in order to get to what IF, you first have to look at what IS 🔥

I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Dana Inouye to the podcast. She is an empowerment + embodied leadership coach who believes that you can find a path to thriving BECAUSE of your messy human experience, not in spite of it.

One of Dana’s gifts is making connections and bringing together seemingly opposing thoughts + emotions, so if you’ve been feeling any sort of internal tension and know it’s been holding you back, this conversation will expand and empower you to think and FEEL differently.

Join Dana and I as we talk about:

✨ The moment that changed everything for Dana and helped shape her coaching approach of moving out of just the mind and into the body to create lasting transformation

✨ How Dana works with her clients using emotional alchemy + their signature somatic expressions to ground in new beliefs, perspectives, and ways of being

✨ How suppressing the “icky” emotions also suppresses your capacity for more joy, clients, money and how to work *with* this paradox to let it ALL in

✨ The connection Dana makes between acknowledging what pisses you off and using your rants as a reclamation of your power (+ hear about what’s been pissing me off lately 😈)

✨ A perspective shift for how to start getting curious about your uncomfortable emotions + edges, honoring them, and using them to catalyze your growth

Dana Inouye is an empowerment and embodied leadership coach, speaker, writer, and host of the ReWild Your Life Podcast. She helps women connect to their truth, unlock the power within, and meet their courageous creative calling, by tapping into the potent source of their emotions. Dana has an exuberant flair and infuses her experiences with passion, heart, poetry, and brazen honesty. She champions a dancing and crying revolution, a path to thriving BECAUSE of our messy human experience, not in spite of it.

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