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One thing I know about the many of the people in my life and in the virtual biz world is that they are constantly evolving + expanding into being who they really are… They often come up with brilliant ideas, offers, elevated ways of serving their clients, or new ways they want to exist in the world. And this expansion means coming face to face with the unknown in order to create something new.

And what I’ve been hearing from a lot of people lately is that they’re waiting for the “perfect time” or for when things slow down to make a move …which is when?

If this resonates and you find yourself repeatedly putting off taking action on something you can’t stop thinking about, I want you to know that by trying to evade the messiness of the unknown, you’re standing in your own way and cutting off your unique magic that can only come through YOU.

That’s why on this episode of Being All Of You, I’m speaking to the perfectionists, the overthinkers, the planners (past me included 🙋🏻‍♀️) who are waiting for everything outside of them to be *right* before moving.

I also share with you how this came for me personally 3 years ago with a new offer I wanted to create, exactly what I did to get out of my head and into action, and how I went on to create my most popular and profitable offer as a brand designer.

What I learned in the process was that when we allow ourselves to say YES to what’s on our heart and soul to create, and get a little messy, we open ourselves up to new possibilities that may be even better than we could have imagined✨

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