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One of my coaching clients expressed recently that while she has beautiful spiritual practices to regularly connect back in with herself, she also felt the pressure to share MORE of herself online.

She found herself starting to view her personal moments through the lens of other people, rather than feeling connected to self, as she originally intended.

I don’t think she’s alone in wondering how to navigate being present in your life, determining what to share (or not share) publicly, and feeling disconnected in how you’re showing up either way.

How do you balance keeping your personal experiences sacred, with being visible and creating for others as a business owner

This week’s solo pod episode is my response.

Join me as I talk about:

✨ Why there’s nothing inherently wrong with creating for others and it’s often necessary as a business owner

✨ How sharing can go in an unhealthy direction when it becomes to sole lens through which you view yourself + your life, or you crave validation through how others respond to you

✨ How the pressure of social media can make it feel very all or nothing when it comes to sharing and giving people a window into your life

✨ Three boundaries that I share with my clients to feel more grounded into yourself first before creating for others, and how that’ll allow you to create more potent content that connects powerfully without having to share it all


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