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This month, I’m celebrating 6 months of my podcast Being All Of You 🤩

32 episodes published. 13 incredible guests.

And becoming even more of myself in the process.

I didn’t realize this at the beginning, but making the choice to start my podcast also gave me the choice to shed so many outdated identities and ways of being in the world.

And now, half a year later, I see myself differently, feel grounded in my unique value, and so much more confident in sharing my gifts.

So if you’ve been contemplating showing up in a new way, stretching outside *your* comfort zone, or feel like there’s a deeper part of you longing to be expressed and seen, tune in 💫

Join me for a solo episode as I share:

✨ My 6 lessons learned and the wisdom I’ve gained from 6 months of stretching outside my comfort zone

✨ The inner work that went into reclaiming the power of my voice and feeling worthy of giving myself the spotlight

✨ How I shed the perceived limitations of who I thought I was and my capacity as a shy, introverted, highly sensitive person

✨ How I held myself through the process of starting something new and unknown, and kept going until it started to build momentum and my confidence


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