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From the outside, taking the leap to start my business and pivoting from virtual assistant to brand designer to now brand coach over 6+ years, it might seem really random.⁣

But the truth is that it isn’t. ⁣

It was only in retrospect that I realized my intuition was leading me every step of the way. It just took me a while to get better at listening to it 😉⁣

And now it’s become THE way that I guide myself through the wild ride of entrepreneurship, navigate important decisions, create bigger results, and tune into what I actually want in a grounded way, rather than moving forward out of fear or what I think I should be doing. ⁣

So if you’re looking to strengthen the trust you have within yourself and move through life and business in a way that feels more easeful and aligned, this episode is for you. I haven’t shared so openly on this topic up until this point and I can’t wait to hear what you think! ⁣

Tune in to episode 3 as I share: ⁣

✨ What following your intuition means to me and why it’s so hard for many of us to tune in for guidance⁣

✨ My business journey and the signs I learned to look for along the way to gain more clarity, point me in the direction of my next uplevel, and feel more confident as I’m called into a deeper version of self expression and service⁣

✨ How I continued to bring my unique background, experience, and skill set together every step of the way, learned to tune out the external chatter and tune into ME, and create bigger results than I could have ever imagined⁣

✨ Specific ways to get better at listening to your intuition today, trusting yourself to follow the guidance, and warning signs that your fear is coming through instead of your intuition ⁣


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