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The words we speak out loud are powerful — when we fully listen to what we’re saying.

Have you ever found yourself repeating the same reason for why you can’t do something? Like I don’t have time, I’m afraid of what people will think, I’m not a person who does XYZ.

But then one day it’s like you suddenly *hear* yourself as if for the first time?

As humans, we’re really good at tuning out our own bullsh*t, and I believe that we reach new levels of awareness when we’re ready to tune in and work WITH what we keep coming up against, so that we can alchemize it and move forward, rather than feeling trapped by our own beliefs.

This week’s solo episode is all about how I personally started to tune in to what I was saying on repeat this past week, and how it allowed me to let go of a belief that was no longer serving me and move forward in an empowered way.

I dive into how listening closely to the words coming out of your mouth (especially repeatedly) will give you so much insight into what’s going on internally for you, how to engage in self inquiry to get to the root of your belief, honoring how your own “bullsh*t” has served you up until this point, and then deciding if you want to choose differently to realign with your higher vision.


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