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This year illuminated all the ways I’ve been putting unhealthy pressure on myself.

For so long, this was such an integrated part of how I functioned, that I didn’t really notice it until it literally forced me to slow down and look inward.

What I found was that I was finally ready to shed this way of being that had served a former version of me who took on other peoples’ opinions and expectations before her own because she thought they knew “better” and who needed intensity to feel motivated to keep going.

And when I started to strip back the pressure, what I was left with was feeling PRESENT to all the ways I was making things unnecessarily complicated, to all the ways I was abandoning myself — and the opportunity to choose myself and how *I* wanted to intentionally BE instead.

This week’s episode will support you in identifying how the energies of pressure and presence show up for you, how they feel in your body, and what thought patterns they bring up for you. My hope is that this episode will help you (re)connect with yourself, and remind you that you have a choice in shifting what is no longer serving you, so that you can feel more grounded and clear within YOU and how you’re showing up in the world.


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