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Looking back on 2023, I see it as a year of renewed and strengthened connection – to myself, to community, and to spirit✨

Personally, I really enjoy hearing peoples’ stories, how they navigated the highs and the lows, how they found themselves again amidst uncertainty, what came into focus for them, what was burned away to make room for a different perspective, and the wisdom gained along the way.

I loved recording this episode and getting to reflect on a year that looked a lot different than I had imagined, but has left me feeling more clear and aligned than I have in a while. I hope getting a glimpse into my 2023 sparks something for you that you can take forward into the new year.

And if you listen til the end, I share the best of “Being All Of You”, aka the two most popular rapidfire questions chosen by this year’s guests, and their answers, which really touched me and give such a beautiful window into the universality of our individual experiences.

I leave you with a question to ask yourself as we close out this year and transition into the next one and you’ll hear my answer as well.

Thank you for tuning in these last 6 months and here’s to being all of YOU in the new year and beyond 💫


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