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You may have heard the saying: it’s not personal, it’s just business.

This week’s podcast guest, Elle Turner, is here to turn that on its head and remind us all that business IS personal. Elle is a leadership development specialist + guide for heart-led, impact driven entrepreneurs, and we had a fantastic conversation around how she believes that in order to build a sustainable business that’s *personally* driven, you also need to “build” and develop the business owner – YOU.

Join us as we talk about:

✨ Elle’s journey from starting her first business and “falling flat on her face” as she puts it and how that led to her building her next business (and herself!) differently

✨ The business philosophy Elle developed that’ll give you permission to challenge any external influences that don’t feel aligned and come back to your heart

✨ What it looks like to “manage” who you are as both a human *and* CEO on a daily basis to create the life and business that is most fulfilling for you

✨ How to start trusting yourself more, leaning into your innate strengths, and developing your identity as a leader through personal growth practices + decision making

Elle Turner is a writer, boy (x2) Mum, cat (x2) Mum and lifelong learner. She’s also a leadership development specialist and guide for heart-led, impact driven entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Development is the umbrella term Elle uses for personal development for entrepreneurs, taking a leadership approach to business and cultivating, managing and maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset. She uses her background in Sociology, HR, Personal Development and over 7 years in the online business space to support solopreneurs and micro-business owners who are ready to level up their entrepreneurial approach so that they can build a thriving, fulfilling, impactful and sustainable business that they’re proud of.

Connect with Elle on IG: @elleturner_writer

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