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I spent the last couple months of 2023 in ✨the void✨.

That in-between place where you know a shift is happening but don’t know the next step.

The place between who you were and who you’re becoming.

The place that challenges the part of you grasping for certainty and simultaneously asks you to shed what’s no longer aligned.

I’ve been in the void quite a few times before, and in the past, I’ve always resisted it at first.

But this time, as I felt a new version of my business and myself asking to come through, I chose to embrace it with open arms because I’m committed to knowing myself deeply in this lifetime and living into my fullest potential, and learning to navigate the uncertainty as you BECOME is a necessary part of the process.

So in this solo episode of Being All Of You, I’m sharing with you:

✨ What my next business evolution as a Self Development Coach looks like and how the heart of my work is staying the same and the focus is more refined (and lights me up so much!)

✨ What I started paying attention to and the questions I asked myself that lead up to this shift

✨ 3 lessons I learned this time around while navigating the void that allowed me to surrender into the uncertainty, open up to possibility, and embrace who I’m becoming

✨ How chillin in the unknown and not rushing the process can actually lead to “better” outcomes than you could have ever anticipated

If you’ve been feeling like a shift is coming in your life or business, I hope this episode will illuminate the void and help you navigate the uncertainty with less fear and urgency, and more curiosity and excitement… because change and living into the fullest expression of you can be really exciting if you allow it to be 💖


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