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Living a more courageous life doesn’t happen in the easy moments.

It happens in the harder, uncomfortable moments where you’re confronted with fear and uncertainty, and have the opportunity to turn inward, ask different questions, and make different choices.

And in the process, you open yourself up to new possibilities that you may not have previously been aware of, and from that moment, you can create a different, more courageous life.

I’m thrilled to welcome Ashley Strong Smith to Being All Of You this week. Ashley is a Courage Coach, photographer, and podcast host, and she’s sharing with us the power of asking the opposite question, especially when you find yourself coming up against the same belief, limit, or circumstance.

Join us as we talk about:

✨ Ashley’s journey that’s taken her across the world and led to her creating her multi-passionate business and living out her dream life every day

✨ A powerful question you can ask yourself to break out of your habitual thought patterns and routine and open yourself up to living into different realities

✨ Ashley’s advice for putting your new awareness and choices into daily action

✨ How to cultivate a deeper relationship with your heart and live from a more authentic place that aligns with your higher vision

✨ What we’re risking by not asking ourselves the opposing questions and how to tap into your courage alongside your fear to continue growing


Hi, I’m Ashley Strong Smith

I’ve spent the past nearly 15 years living in expansive inquisitiveness. Eagerly asking myself lives deepest questions, courageously creating the space to live the very honest, vulnerable, raw, life-enhancing answers.

Ultimately bringing me to a deep place of passion and purpose, intentionality and authenticity, vulnerability and courage. Finding my place in this world, where I finally feel I truly belong.

I am a multi-passionate woman – An entrepreneur holding space for three expressions (Courage Coach, Photographer & Podcast Host), a fire-wife to a South African immigrant who I met in Tanzania, a mom to a four year-old radiant soul + 2 big puppies + 2 cats, a mountain-dweller, an adventure seeker, a connector, traveler of this world – living in 4 countries, visiting another 10, and an additional 15 States, a pursuer of dreams and mostly, an insanely curious soul letting the parameters of this very curiosity, know no limits.

After-all, we are limitless.

The Living Courageously Podcast:

Connect with Ashley on IG: @ashleystrongsmith_

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