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Confidence comes from your ability to be with what’s so 🔥

My podcast guest this week is Megan Holly, Branding Photographer + Confidence Coach, and she is dropping truth bombs like that all over our episode.

We had a conversation that lit me up so much all about how things in life are constantly changing – our bodies, our minds, our creativity, our personalities – and confidence comes from learning how to navigate that change, release what’s no longer serving you, and continually own who you are along the way.

Join us as we talk about:

✨ How Megan helps her clients to create deeper brand connections through their photos and step into new levels of self expression as humans

✨ Megan’s definition of confidence that probably isn’t what you’d expect and doesn’t have anything to do with how you look, circumstances being a certain way, or external validation

✨ The top things she’s seen that hold people back from feeling confident and what has allowed them to unlock new levels of self confidence + freedom

✨ Megan’s advice for learning to find confidence (again) and renewing your relationship with yourself in changing seasons of life – as you age, as your body changes, as you embrace different parts of who you are

✨ A new way to view smaller life moments that can boost your confidence and how it doesn’t always have to look bright and shiny to add up

Megan Holly is a people person first, business woman second. Her passion is to ignite the hearts, minds, and businesses of women through stand out branding photography and visual brand mentorship. She believes that when women are empowered, the world is a better place. As a brand photographer and coach, she sees the beauty in confidence and connection to up level our lives and businesses. When she is not hyping up others through her community, you can find her with her husband and two dogs laughing the days away. She loves a good dance party (whether by herself in the kitchen or out and about). Her love of nature, thrifting, and DIY are apparent in everything she does, as she loves to create in all walks of life.

Connect with Megan on FB and IG: @meganhollycreates

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