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I spent half of January super sick. And it ended up being the best opportunity for me to fully embody what I teach + coach on.

In the past, I would have made myself wrong for not being able to function like “normal”, been hard on myself for doing everything to heal but not feeling better fast enough, felt a lot of self pity … on top of feeling sick.

But this time felt noticeably different —

I’ve done the inner work these last couple years to meet myself with compassion FIRST rather than criticism in any situation, and choose not to abandon myself, especially in the moments where I most need my own support. So this time, I’ve been consciously choosing to surrender and take great care of myself.

To me, this is so much more than just changing my thought patterns… it’s a supportive way of BEING that I know ripples out to so much more in my life.

I wanted to share more about my experience this week on Being All Of You, and I’m also letting you in on the 3-step framework I use with my coaching clients to help them disarm their own inner critic and feel more at peace no matter what life throws their way.

So if you’ve been putting pressure on yourself to show up a certain way that no longer aligns or beating yourself up for not meeting your own expectations, and want to choose a softer, more compassionate way of being, this episode will be the pattern interruption you’ve been waiting for and a reset to create lasting change that actually feels good.

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