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Scrolling on social media for literally a minute will show you other people who have found success and happiness in a way that looks better, easier, and quicker than what’s currently present for you. ⁣

It’s natural to look at someone else who’s where you want to be and think “if what they’re doing worked for them, it’ll work for me”. And if you could just crack the code on how to emulate (or straight up copy) their brand strategy, website, marketing, copy, etc, that it’ll also help you achieve that level of success too. ⁣

This is rarely ever true because it’s not taking into account how your unique approach, how you like to show up in your business, what’s energy-giving to you, or even if what they’ve achieved is aligned for YOU.⁣

Join me for episode 4 as I share my best tips for how to break the pattern of looking to other people to show you what’s best for you and instead tune into what actually lights you up, makes the most sense for you, and what will move you closer to what you ultimately want.⁣


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