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Success is cool but who you get to become along the way is even cooler 😎

I’m so happy to welcome my good friend Steph Orosco back onto the pod this week for a special encore episode of our bi-weekly IG live series, Here For The Real.

This episode was inspired by a recent conversation where Steph and I talked about how when we started our businesses 6+ years ago, it came as quite a shock that creating success is actually full of failure.

And what this realization opened up for us was that by learning to embrace failure (instead of avoiding it), not only do you accelerate the pathway to your inevitable success, but you also get to become the person who knows you can create whatever you want and is resilient enough to hold it ALL on the way there.

Join us as we talk about:

✨ Our personal experiences with learning to cultivate resilience so that failure wouldn’t pull us out of the momentum towards building our higher visions

✨ How we support our coaching clients to decide that they get to have what they want and create the success they desire, even when it’s not a constant upward trajectory⁣⁣

✨ Our biggest tip for trusting yourself regardless of what happens so you can stay open to opportunities, not just create success but sustain it for the long-term,⁣ and find JOY in the process along the way


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