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Do you have a hard time believing you have what it takes to succeed, just as you are right now?

What if you didn’t have to change who you are at a core level to create your own version of success?

What if you could learn to stop making *your* way of being wrong and start to see the value in your natural strengths?

If this feeling is familiar to you, this week’s podcast episode with the brilliant Clare Emma Wild, Coach for Quiet Leaders, will support you in closing the gap between who you really are, and being able to actually see it, feel it, and believe it for yourself, so that you can take quietly confident action, lead powerfully, and create success your way.

Join us as we talk about:

✨ How Clare’s own journey through burnout and trying to change who she was allows her to give her clients the support she wished she received years ago as a quiet leader

✨ The fears, distorted sense of self, and diminished self worth that quiet leaders often experience and why they tend to be more prone to imposter syndrome

✨ The way our brains literally work differently as introverted, highly sensitive, and empathic people that will give you permission to stop trying to function in ways that are unaligned to you

✨ The “positive” side of imposter syndrome that you can use to reframe how you see yourself and stop holding yourself back

✨ The power of slowing down and other simple ways Clare recommends to support yourself as a quiet leader so that you can show up in all of your strengths and contribute immense value to your workplace, business, or the world

Clare Emma Wild is a certified and accredited coach for Quiet Leaders, helping them to stop people-pleasing and overcome their imposter syndrome, so they can take action and enjoy the success they deserve.

As well as leading senior teams and winning awards she has bounced back from two periods of burnout, meaning she understands the importance of not trying to lead as others do, using your strengths, and supporting yourself.

The blending of mindset coaching with a somatic approach, tailored for the introverted, sensitive and empathic, is why her coaching is powerful for quieter people.

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How to say no confidently (even when it feels scary) –  a 5 minute exercise to help you say no with confidence, even (and especially) when it feels difficult:

Whether you’re ruled by imposter syndrome and you say yes to prove yourself, taking on too much, overworking and exhausting yourself. Or whether your people pleasing tendency means you say yes to make others happy, never doing what you really want to do, frustrated and knackered. It will help you develop the ability to confidently say no when you mean no.

Download the video: