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This week’s episode of Being All Of You is a little different than usual and I’m excited about it 🤩

I wanted to share with you in real time an identity edge I bumped up against hard this past week – just me talking directly to you, stream of consciousness, unplanned.

The deep, previously unconscious pattern that came into my awareness and confronted me this past week: my tendency to always be positive and maintain a “I’m good, don’t worry about me” image.

I’m done with it.

From now on, I give myself permission to be fully human, to share my journey including all the dark, difficult parts without feeling the need to spin it into something bright and shiny on the other side. To just be exactly as I am and allow that to be enough.

My hope is that if this is also coming up for you and you feel the pressure to maintain the always uplifting, “good girl/person” mentality because you’re afraid of making other people uncomfortable, this episode will feel like an exhale and an unraveling.

At the end, I also share a few simple shifts you can play around with to help release the urge to control how others perceive you, so that you can feel more FREE in your full self expression and allow it to shine through unapologetically in your life.


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