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At the beginning of this year, I decided I wanted to share more openly about my mental health journey with depression.

And in January, my friend Ashley Strong Smith (@ashleystrongsmith_) invited me onto her podcast, The Living Courageously Podcast, with a courageous invitation to share something about myself I hadn’t before.

Perfect timing✨

I’m so grateful for her permission to re-air and re-gift this honest and vulnerable interview for you on Being All Of You this week.

This episode is the first time I shared publicly about experiencing depression and the pivotal rock bottom moment in my mental health journey two summers ago that completely changed how I view myself and others.

We also talk about learning to trust and listen to universal nudges, taking action even when you don’t know all of the next steps, and honoring your own courageous decisions, especially when faced with uncertainty and getting to choose who you want to BE.

I hope you enjoy this new perspective and conversation as much as Ashley and I did 💗


IG: @haylee.larose



Listen to The Living Courageously Podcast:

IG: @ashleystrongsmith_