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Ever feel inspired to express yourself through painting or drawing, but then all the thoughts start to flood in…

I’m not a creative person
I don’t know where to start
I’m going to be so bad at this so why bother trying?
I don’t have the time

According to this week’s podcast guest, Shelley Irish, we’re all natural creators, regardless of if you believe it or not. And allowing yourself to be expressed through creativity is one of the most healing things you can do for yourself.

Shelley is a professional artist and certified therapeutic arts coach, and on this week’s episode, we get into how you don’t need to be an artist to use creating art as a way to transform how you see yourself and move through the world, and she shares practical steps on how to get out of your head and find your own flow.

Join us as we talk about:

✨ Shelley’s story of discovering her love for creativity at a young age and how its supported her throughout her life and informed how she approaches her work

✨ The brain science behind creating art and its healing therapeutic benefits

✨ The ripple effect Shelley has seen art therapy have into her clients’ lives, including increased confidence and elevated personal power

✨ How inviting in “healthy chaos” during creativity can help you heal perfectionism, detach from the outcome, and learn to let go and trust the process

✨ Shelley’s super practical tips for getting out of your head and into your own creative flow (listen for the one that made us both crack up… promise it’s worth it!)

A professional artist and certified therapeutic arts coach, I am obsessed with neuroscience, the creative process and meditation. I started zoning out while painting as a young girl and the effects of being ‘in flow’ have captivated me ever since.

I offer holistic artistic classes and a coaching program that combine easy art exercises, meditation and somatics (body-based therapy) to offer people easily accessible tools to calm anxiety, process difficulties, stay in the present moment, and increase inspiration.

Each of my artworks has a healing intention behind it. I aim to paint gracefully poetic works that act as a bridge between the rawness of feelings and the healing power of natural beauty. Empowerment, inspiration and intuitive mysteries are common themes.

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Connect with Shelley:

IG: @holistic.artistic.shelley
FB: Holistic Artistic Shelley

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