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At a certain point, overthinking and over-preparing for everything starts to feel less comforting, and more exhausting.

You start to desire a different way where your *readiness* is derived from being able to relax into deep self trust and knowing you can handle whatever comes your way, rather than trying to exert control to “get it right” or “make it happen”.

If overthinking and over-preparing is your tendency (like mine was), and you’re *over it* and desire to feel less restricted in how you express yourself and approach life, this week’s episode of Being All Of You will resonate deeply for you.

I walk you through my process to release the need for perceived control, so that you can:

✨ Relax into the freedom and magic of letting your true self be expressed

✨ Drop into a deep grounded-ness in yourself where you can respond from your center no matter what

✨ Source your safety and steadiness from within, rather than relying on the outside looking a certain way


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