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The nature we see outside of ourselves is a mirror for our inner nature 🌳✨🍏⁣

But often we don’t take the time to un-busy ourselves, to slow down, to expand our awareness, to see the extraordinary in the “ordinary”, and to nurture our connection to the deep wisdom nature has to offer us.⁣

I’m so thrilled for you to meet this week’s podcast guest, Melinda Nakagawa, who is a naturalist, artist, and nature wisdom connector.⁣

This conversation will give you so much permission to release the pressure around your creativity, to deepen your intuitive connection to nature, and to (re) spark your child-like sense of wonder + joy.⁣

Join us as we talk about:⁣

✨ Melinda’s background, how she brings together nature, science, art, and heart, her journey to bridge her logical and creative sides, and how that allowed her to be all of her⁣

✨ What nature really is (beyond the trees and waterfalls you usually think of) and how you can find it and connect with it more often

✨ How Melinda supports her clients through nature drawing and the impact it has on your mindfulness and nervous system⁣

✨ How this practice allows you to connect your outer and inner worlds and will change the way you see both⁣

✨ Melinda’s advice for how you can start using nature as a mirror, allow in more connection to your true self, and feel more wonder and curiosity⁣


Melinda Nakagawa, M.Sc. is a naturalist, artist and nature wisdom connector whose work bridges science, nature, art and heart to open you to the wonder in nature around you and within you. Nature is always speaking to us, but we may not have developed the ability to hear. Melinda leads workshops internationally to guide you to expand your awareness to see beyond ordinary nature to reveal unseen beauty, use creative tools to explore and deepen your connection to the natural world and tune into nature’s wisdom for personal guidance and healing so you can live a joyful, abundant, and fulfilling life.

When she’s not working with her clients to reconnect to nature and their inner nature, she loves wanders in the forest, eating delicious vegan food, picking tunes on her old-time banjo, doing some creative crafting or hanging out with her cats and dog.⁣

Connect with Melinda:⁣


Facebook: SparkinNature⁣

IG: @SparkinNature⁣

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Spark Collective is a gathering of people seeking to reconnect to nature in a heart-led way through creative practices and deepening their intuitive connection to nature and their inner nature.⁣

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