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What controls how you feel, controls you.

If you allow other people or external circumstances to control how you feel, they actually have more control over the quality of your life than you do.

If this hits you hard, this week’s podcast guest is here to empower you to become the leader of yourself, so that you can transform your relationship with your emotions and consequently your relationship to yourself and others.

Dr. Andrea Vitz is an Emotional Sobriety Expert and bestselling author, and we dive deep into how to move beyond self awareness, take full responsibility for how you’re showing up in your life, and become more of who you really are.

Join us as we talk about:⁣

✨ The catalyst for Andrea’s own journey to emotional sobriety

✨ How we lose the power of choice in our lives and can become addicted to certain emotions and reactionary patterns, just like you would alcohol or drugs

✨ Andrea’s powerful advice for when you’re becoming more self aware and healing your patterns and are afraid of how the other people in your life will respond to the “new you”

✨ What it actually means to meet “the you you’ve never met” and the journey of self discovery and creation that comes along with gaining control over your emotional state


Andrea is an Emotional Sobriety Expert and bestselling author of The You You’ve Never Met.

She was born a leader, high achiever and hurt healer, as demonstrated by getting her doctorate at age 23, but lacked the skill and emotional resilience to make big leaps in her personal and professional life. She was called to overcome what she deemed as Emotional Insobriety—and reach a state of mastery over what used to be impossible for her. Realizing that we were all the same and reverse engineering what she discovered to heal herself, she began teaching Emotional Sobriety Training to leaders, teams, entrepreneurs, couples and more, leading them to more control over their lives.

Andrea dedicates her life to speaking and coaching the highest levels of professionals, high achieving entrepreneurs and teams, helping them overcome their insecurity, reactions and overall discord everywhere in their life. In addition to delivering the secrets of emotional fluency in keynotes and executive retreats, Andrea and her husband Ted run Lifted Academy. An elite level training platform to elevate the human experience physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Andrea and Ted have a combined 50 years experience as radical change agents where they have trained hundreds and hundreds of people to become exceptional leaders. Andrea teaches that our emotional state dictates the quality of our life and brings people the education required to attain control over their emotional state. Her purpose in life is to create relief to those who are struggling and empower her clients to become the most entrusted and respected person in the room by understanding Emotional Intelligence is not enough and earning Emotional Sobriety.

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