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It can feel so vulnerable to share your unique story. And while it may feel intensely personal, this week’s podcast guest reminds us that we’re not isolated in our experience.

Even if it may not be exactly the same, someone is always going to be able to relate to what you share.

Sharing your unique story has the power to heal, to connect on a human level, to inspire confidence, to give others permission to share their own.

I’m thrilled to welcome Kirsten McNeill, Confidence & Writing Lifestyle Coach, Book Editor, and Self-Published Writer, to Being All Of You this week.

If you’ve been feeling the desire to share your story in a more visible way but are having trouble getting started in the writing process, this conversation will connect you back to your purpose, as well as give you practical advice for how to take care of yourself during your creative practice.

Join us as we chat about:⁣

✨ Why it’s important to share our unique perspective in our stories and how to worry less about it not being original enough⁣

✨ How to get started in the writing process when it feels vulnerable, daunting, and overwhelming, especially when it feels so much safer to just stay in your head⁣

✨ Reframing self criticism during the refining and editing process so that it becomes more joyful and celebratory and not just another way to point out everything that’s “wrong”⁣

✨ Kirsten’s approach to adopting holistic lifestyle practices that will support you in⁣ getting out of your head and into creative flow


Kirsten McNeill is a Confidence & Writing Lifestyle Coach, Book Editor, and Self-Published Writer. Her mission with Worthy Writers is to bring sunflower sunshine to the creative world, connecting writers to the confidence and passion they desire to help them publish and share their stories.⁣


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