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I talk to so many people who honestly feel like shit because they can’t stop comparing themselves to other people. It’s so easy to buy into the idea that other people are doing it right and you’re not.⁣

I’ve definitely been there and I’m guessing you may have too. ⁣

It can feel overwhelming and paralyzing… like you’re existing within someone else’s version of how you should build a business or live your life, or like you’re inundated with so much outside influence that you don’t know the next step to take, so it feels easier to just do nothing at all.

It’s become ingrained in us to disconnect from ourselves, operate out of “should” energy, and look outward for answers that it can feel hard to separate between the things we think we should do vs what actually feels good or aligned to us (and will get you more of what you want). ⁣

If this hits home for you, join me for episode 6 of Being All Of You because I want to offer you a different perspective on how to break out of the comparison cycle beyond just taking a social media detox, and I share with you the advice I give to most of my coaching clients (that they hadn’t previous considered) to help you come back home to yourself, and move forward towards what you want with so much more ease and joy.⁣

Tune in to hear my specific reframes and action steps for how to NOT get flooded with other people’s stuff and instead create more of a healthy separation, where you’re more in tune with what you’re here to express and share with the world, so that you’re able to stand more solidly within yourself in life and and stand out powerfully as you build your brand online. ⁣


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