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It might feel like tuning into your intuition is foreign or difficult… but why if it was just about learning how to interpret your unique experience of life as it’s happening?

For this week’s episode of Being All Of You, I’m joined by Xeres Villanueva, who is a coach, community organizer, and spiritual activist. We have a mind-expanding conversation around demystifying what tuning into your intuition really means and how to find your unique way to access + understand your inner knowing.⁣

Join us as we dive into:⁣

✨ Xeres’ personal experience that first helped her tune into her intuition + how to find your own “entry point” based on who you uniquely are⁣

✨ The relationship between fear and intuition, how to interpret the difference, and why it’s not necessary to completely eliminate fear⁣

✨ Why getting to know your own patterns, feelings, triggers, and ways of being in the world can help support you in processing + accessing your intuition more clearly⁣

✨ The importance of building capacity in your nervous system and the impact it has on not just accessing your intuition but also being able to act on it⁣

✨ The direct connection between outer collective healing + inner individual healing, and Xeres’ advice for how to create change by starting with yourself


Xeres Villanueva has deep roots in community organizing, art and spiritual activism, mental health advocacy and social entrepreneurship. She has done culture change work with Inside Out Community Arts, Tuesday Night Project, WE Empowerment Center, Interfaith United for Justice and Peace and Social Enterprise Alliance. She facilitates discussion spaces, supports artists and creatives, and highlights community organizations and businesses. Her first start in culture change and healing work began in after-school tutoring and facilitating after-school art and enrichment programs in high school.

She has shared her insights and reflections on the intersection of spirituality, healing and justice on magazines and podcasts such as Chapel Probation, Inheritance Magazine, Divergent Magazine, Money Magic Podcast, Dragonfly Heart Medicine and Jesus Radicals. When Xeres is off the field of culture change and spiritual activism, she enjoys a cup of tea and cacao.

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