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I can pinpoint one moment where my entire approach to showing up in my business changed… 

And it took me from being a business owner who had found some success, attracted aligned clients here and there, and made decent money ➡️ to building a BRAND that showcased my uniqueness where I was known for my specific approach and style of design, showing up in my power, and booking out my design business months in advance with aligned clients who loved what I had to offer. 

So in episode 7 of Being All Of You, I want to take you behind the scenes of my last business before I pivoted into coaching and break down the 3 shifts that helped me to go from running a business that felt somewhat confusing and created inconsistent results, to feeling way more solid on myself, grounded in my unique brilliance, able to show up and sell with ease, and brought in a continual stream of right fit clients. 

As always, my aim is to be transparent and simplify the process for you, so whether you’re at a point where you’re ready to breakthrough into that next income level, feel more confident in how you’re showing up online, or make a pivot that supports the evolution of you and your brand… this episode is for you.

Join me as I share the one question my coach asked me 3 years ago that completely shifted how I approached my business strategically, but also helped me to build my confidence to grow and step boldly into my next level. I also share the 3 shifts that made the biggest impact in booking out my design business with a consistent roster full of dream clients and helped me reach my highest income months.

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