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In this episode, I welcome my first guest onto the podcast and it was none other than my husband Brian! And in a shocking twist, I asked him to come on the podcast and interview ME. ⁣

You may know him for always posting photos of our cats or his hikes, his love of ActiveCampaign and all things systems, automations, and tech setup (find him here if you need help getting the backend of your business in order, because he’s a tech wizard), or his quirky, witty sense of humor that comes through in his content and in this episode.⁣

He’s also been my #1 supporter since I started my business, and having been an entrepreneur himself for over a decade and running 2 successful businesses of his own, he knows what a wild ride it can be – and he told me to go for it anyway which I’m so grateful for. ⁣

This episode will give you a peek into our relationship as he asks me questions like: ⁣

✨ What are my biggest pet peeves?⁣
✨ How did I get started with Reiki?⁣
✨ What do I think happens after death? ⁣
✨ Have I ever had any supernatural encounters or experiences?⁣

Join us for a good time with lots of laughs (mostly me 😅) as Brian steps a little bit more into the spotlight, and you’ll hear me share some things that I don’t typically talk about online.⁣

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