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You open yourself up to unexpected, life-changing shifts when you trust your intuition and step outside your comfort zone✨

This was my exact experience when attending a live event called The Art Of New Creation with Elizabeth Gilbert and Rob Bell last month.

I saw one social media post promoting the event and a clear voice inside of me said: you need to be in that room.

As an introvert who doesn’t really love crowds, I’m so glad that I listened to my intuition and put myself out there, because I’ll look back on that weekend as a turning point for how I view myself and a reorientation to how to navigate life.

And while I know it’s not the same as experiencing the event for yourself, I wanted to share my biggest takeaways with you for two reasons: 1. in case you’re a little hesitant like me and how attending an event live changed my perspective, and 2. what stood out to me from what Liz and Rob shared as I’ve taken time to process and integrate because the impact is still rippling through my life and business and I hope that one or many of these may resonate with you.

Tune in to episode 9 as I share:

⚡️ How the container Liz and Rob set at the very beginning of the 3-day event allowed me to relax and fully receive what I needed to (and how you can apply this for yourself with clients to help them feel more at ease + open up the possibility for creating greater results together)

⚡️ My top 5 takeaways from this event… you’re welcome to take what resonates and I hope they give you a different perspective and an exhale if you’re in a place of uncertainty, trying to bring forth the next level of your brand or self expression, or are desiring a reset to create something different and more YOU

⚡️ How an event focused on navigating uncertainty actually helped me feel more grounded, grateful, and present without any of the “uncertain” circumstances of my life changing and allowed me to shed something big that had been holding me back for years 


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