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free masterclass
Picture this…

Showing up *excited* for a sales call with a dream client and leading them through an empowering conversation about their needs + why your unique gifts are the perfect match for them

Sharing your prices unapologetically, feeling grounded in your unique value, and focused on helping the person in front of you make the best decision for them

Over the last 5.5 years as an entrepreneur and building 2 successful, booked out businesses, I’ve learned how to shift my perspective around selling and show up in a way that feels 100% me, and the number of aligned clients I attracted and turned into paying clients increased dramatically…

So if selling confidently feels like a huge question mark, my masterclass will help you shake off the doubt and second-guessing around sales, so that you can connect more fully with the clients who light you up + make money with way less effort.

Join me live Wednesday, February 1st at 1pm EST
for this FREE masterclass where you’ll: 

⚡ Learn the mindset shifts + practical strategies usually reserved for my coaching clients, so that you can show up naturally as your full self + sell in an empowering way

⚡ Rewire your brain to approach selling from a different perspective, allowing you to sell on social media + lead discovery calls with confidence

⚡ Shake off the doubt + second-guessing, step into your power, and connect more fully with the clients who light you up + make money with way less effort

Are you ready to stop leaving money on the table, finally learn how to sell in a way that feels good, and sign more paying clients?

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