Free  Website  Audit

Identify the problems on your website and gain more clarity

“I know my website isn’t working
but I don’t know exactly what the problem is.

Sound familiar? 

  • You built your website yourself (and it’s just not converting how you want it to) 
  • Your website hasn’t be updated in a while and feels outdated (has a year and a half really passed that quickly?) 
  • Your last designer just didn’t get you and your vision and now you feel stuck (and that’s totally not on you!)

Whatever the reason may be, when it’s just you, it can be hard to know the next step to take to make your website feel whole and cohesive and authentic again.

And I see time and time again, this fear of what to do next can leave you feeling paralyzed and not taking action towards your goals.

I feel very strongly that having another set of eyes
on your website can make all the difference.

On this call, we’ll go over your website page by page and make sure: 

  • Your website is optimized so that you’re able to convert clients with ease
  • Your calls to action are leading your people exactly where you want them so that by the time they get to your offers, they feel connected and ready to buy 
  • Your photos and content reflect the best of you so your people feel your heart and authenticity shining through
  • And you’ll have the chance to ask any burning questions you may have!


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