Haylee has a really special way of digging deep to truly understand the essence of who you are and what you are trying to create with your brand and website.

She really takes the time to listen, learn and understand YOU and what it is you most want to portray with your website and brand. She is the right balance of depth, knowledge and intuition.

I felt fully supported throughout the whole process. Haylee really worked to my strengths and made me feel safe, in the loop and involved in every step.

She has a natural way of hearing the unsaid, gently nurturing you through the process and really bringing the vision you have for your website to life but making it BETTER!

 – Steph Whyte, Leadership Capability Coach

For the first time in the 3 years I’ve owned my business,
I’m super proud of my site!

My entire experience with Haylee was amazing! When we started working together,
she took the time to really understand me and my business, and she understood my vision better
than I could even articulate.

Unlike other experiences I’ve had with web designers, I felt completely supported throughout
the web design process with Haylee.

She designed my logo and branding elements in addition to the website, and she created such cohesive branding that I adore. It was so exciting to watch my beautiful dream site come to life!

 – Steph Orosco, Scaling with Heart

Haylee was a dream to work with!

Not only did she provide beautiful end results, but the branding process was extremely helpful for me, as I gained clarity I didn’t know I was lacking.

You can see how much care Haylee put into creating the branding package, and you can rest assured that she will see your vision, listen to your feedback, and create the branding you’ve been looking for!

– Emma Alles, Virtual Assistant

Overall, the VIP Intensive Day was a very positive experience.

The process was smooth and I loved the finished product. The best part was that it was done in a day vs a longer ongoing process.

The end of the day was my favorite part, when I could see my vision manifesting and I felt satisfied with a quick but substantial makeover.

– Geeta D’Souza, Acupuncturist + Chinese Medicine

Everything about the VIP intensive day is amazing!
Haylee makes sure your vision comes to life!

She understood my needs, my vision, and last minute questions. It felt wonderful to be heard
as I was trying to make my vision clear of what my needs and wants were.

– Alyssa Haake, Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

Haylee is easy to work with, creative and really listened and cared about the look and feel I was envisioning. She made my branding come to life!

She took the time to understand my personality, my business and my vision for my brand. She used colors that I love and blended it all together to create a beautiful representation of me!

Haylee made the process seamless and personal and she understood exactly what I was looking for. The options she presented to me were all so beautiful and captured the look I envisioned. They were all so creative, that it was hard to pick the final one!

– Eve Bloom, Virtual Assistant

My design experience with Haylee was much, much different
than my previous 2 experiences with designers.

I found her to be so easy to work with. She simplified things and really listened to what was saying.

I felt like it really was a collaborative effort and felt her positive energy about the project as well.

– Christy Barko, Thrive Coaching + Consulting

I am very impressed! I am so happy with my website!

Working with Haylee was an amazing experience! Overall, I can’t believe how simple the Intensive Day was. It was effortless (on my side), which was so nice. It just went so smoothly!

The whole process is very structured and going through the experience really helped me understand what I wanted my website to portray that I wasn’t even aware of previously.

The video on maintaining the site was also straightforward and very helpful.
Thank you Haylee for everything!

– Ellen Groff, Health Coach

It was pretty epic working with Haylee through this process. 

She understood my needs, my vision, and last minute questions. It felt wonderful to be heard
as I was trying to make my vision clear of what my needs and wants were.

I loved that Haylee was able to see through my cluttered vision and create a website that spoke
in volumes of who I am and the women I want to help. She guided me through the process,
cleared my vision, and that it was truly a collaboration.

– Noor Pinna, Noor Pinna Transformative Coaching

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