"Haylee has a really special way of digging deep to truly understand the essence of who you are and what you are trying to create with your brand and website."

She really takes the time to listen, learn and understand YOU and what it is you most want to portray with your website and brand. She is the right balance of depth, knowledge and intuition.

She has a natural way of hearing the unsaid, gently nurturing you through the process and really bringing the vision you have for your website to life but making it BETTER!

 – Steph Whyte, Intuitive Guide & Success Coach


"Haylee was a dream to work with!"

Not only did she provide beautiful end results, but the branding process was extremely helpful for me, as I gained clarity I didn’t know I was lacking.

You can see how much care Haylee put into creating the branding package, and you can rest assured that she will see your vision, listen to your feedback, and create the branding you’ve been looking for!

– Emma Alles, Virtual Assistant


"Haylee has great vision and design talent and she came up with something way better than I could have envisioned for myself!"

 I was blown away by the result of our initial intensive process – it left me feeling really proud and inspired. She did a great job of capturing my style and energy.

It helped to have Haylee’s expertise guiding the process – I NEVER would have gotten this much done without her. As a healer herself, she is very patient, positive and encouraging.

– Dr. Marie Rodriguez, Naturopathic Doctor + Energy Healer


"Haylee is easy to work with, creative and really listened and cared about the look and feel I was envisioning. She made my branding come to life!"

She took the time to understand my personality, my business and my vision for my brand. She used colors that I love and blended it all together to create a beautiful representation of me!

Haylee made the process seamless and personal and she understood exactly what I was looking for. The options she presented to me were all so beautiful and captured the look I envisioned. They were all so creative, that it was hard to pick the final one!

– Eve Bloom, Virtual Assistant


"I loved that Haylee was able to see through my cluttered vision and create a website that spoke in volumes of who I am and the women I want to help. "

It was pretty epic working with Haylee through this process. She understood my needs, my vision, and last minute questions. It felt wonderful to be heard as I was trying to make my vision clear of what my needs and wants were.

She guided me through the process, cleared my vision, and that it was truly a collaboration.

– Noor Pinna, Transformative Mindset Coach


"Working with Haylee really felt like a collaborative effort and I could feel her positive energy about the project as well."

My design experience with Haylee was much, much different than my previous 2 experiences with designers. I found her to be so easy to work with. She simplified things and really listened to what was saying.

– Christy Barko, Health Coach


“I’ve been getting a lot of confident ‘you’re the therapist I want based off of what we read on your website!’ and at least 3 inquiries a week!”

I loved that you were receptive to all of my feedback and really seemed to understand my vision! I was SO impressed after receiving all of the final brand elements. Professional and fun is what I was hoping for and I feel like all of my logos embody that.

Now after working together, I feel excited to share my website, while before I didnt really use my old site… it was there but it was pretty sad looking. I feel like also my new website really shows who I am and I think potential clients will connect with it better!

– Tarren Pagones, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist


“I already feel more grounded in my message and better connected to myself as a person and professional, as well as to my mission. I now have an elevated belief in my ability to reach and help those in need of my services.”

Haylee allowed me to feel seen, heard, understood, valued, not judged, and supported. Feeling like I truly had someone in my corner who was wanting nothing short of the absolute best for me and someone willing (and patient) with my messy process/pace. She made me feel not only comfortable being myself, but encouraged to be.

The quality of service and care Haylee provided remained unquestionable for me throughout and this is something that absolutely stands out to me!

– Danielle Sangalli, Licensed Therapist + Relationship Coach


“I was over the moon excited with the final branding + website design! Seeing my new business name (which is my name) in shiny new font and colors was like a rebirth.”

After working with Haylee, I felt professional, that people who view my website will take me seriously, and like it will attract more of my ideal clients.

– Debbie Gander, Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer


“I’m so happy with the branding results that feel so ME and exactly how I hoped, but better! I’m attracting more aligned clients and inquiries and have experienced increased sales!”

I loved everything about working with Haylee! It was the best experience from beginning to end.

I felt completely understood and supported and I trusted Haylee’s expertise completely. She listened and truly understood my vision and I felt confident that she could bring that vision to reality…and she certainly did!

Haylee is an excellent designer and communicator so the process felt easy and the results are awesome! She had so many great recommendations, was always open to discuss new ideas and went above and beyond to design my dream brand and website!

– Jen Winsor, Waves + Willows Social


“I’ve had multiple new clients mention specific things from my website when they reach out and express appreciation for it. I’m so proud to share my website with other people, and the feedback I get most often is that it looks like ME.”

I was in business for just over 3 years before having Haylee design my brand and build my website. I’d had a successful start with a simple directory listing, and after seeing a friend & colleague’s new website and actually gasping over it, I reached out to have Haylee do mine as well.

As a therapist, that is exactly what I was looking for–I want my potential clients to really have an understanding of who I am, my energy, and what my approach is when they’re choosing who to turn to for support & guidance.

Haylee was able to tangibly create something I couldn’t really picture on my own. She’s patient, a good listener, explains things well, and asks the right questions to get to the bottom of your vision.

I would absolutely recommend Haylee to others… I already have and will keep doing so!

– Heather Butt, LCSW


“Haylee was able to translate what I thought was so vague and general into something that really represented the brand I saw for myself.”

I like that Haylee really understood my vision and what I was hoping to create with new branding. She brings a unique design flair to website design.

The whole process was streamlined, well communicated and came together a lot easier than I imagined it would have and that is down to Haylee and the professionalism she brings to her work and the client process.

– Laura O’Hagan, Mindset Coach + Business Strategist


“I’m attracting clients who align specifically with what I offer and feel so much more confident sharing about what I do!

I appreciated how we met for our strategy call, you genuinely wanted to get to know me and what my mission is for my business. I also loved the prep materials because it helped me to lay out my ideas and give me more clarity for what I wanted.

– Vienna Costanzo-D-Aprile, The Spiritual Therapist


“The new site’s powerful resonance with the potency of my work has definitely expanded my command and inspired and empowered me to raise my prices.”

I absolutely feel a heightened sense of confidence knowing that my website is such a beautiful and vibrant reflection of my work and my brand. I almost felt like Haylee understood my brand even better than I did and took it — aesthetically — to the next level.

Haylee is both responsive and insightful and was able not only to bring to life the aesthetic and branding I had envisioned but also to amplify it through her creative artistry.

– Dana Inouye, Empowerment Coach


“So many people have told me that my energy is jumping off the pages of my new website! Haylee understood my vision better than I could even articulate.”

My entire experience with Haylee was amazing! When we started working together, she took the time to really understand me and my business. Unlike other experiences I’ve had with web designers, I felt completely supported throughout the web design process with Haylee.

She designed my logo and branding elements in addition to the website, and she created such cohesive branding that I adore. It was so exciting to watch my beautiful dream site come to life!

– Steph Orosco, Online Business Mentor


“I LOVE LOVE LOVE the website and LOVE sharing it.

You did an amazing job bringing it to life. Your patience with me as I figured out what I really wanted combined with your expertise was a gift. It’s given me the confidence to share what I do and raise my rates!

– Christine Varnavas, TRE Educator and Teacher, Speaker


“Working with Haylee is magic!”

“It was important to us that our site feel authentic, diverse, and original. Haylee guided us through making edits and creative choices, and she has such good intuition. Haylee was graciously willing to work with us to fine-tune our vision for the website.”

– Drishti Yoginis, Yoga + Meditation Workshops + Retreats


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