So many of my clients get really hyped about beautiful moodboards or showing off their new websites (as they should! 😍)


While seeing the final outcome of our work together is thrilling, one of the parts that people don’t talk about as often are REVISIONS. 

I used to have a love/hate relationship with this part of the design process. A lot of it was coming from internal work that I’m doing to constantly be aware of and release perfectionism. 

I wanted everything to be *perfect* right from the beginning, but what I’ve come to learn was that the built-in revisions allowed the final outcome to be perfect *for my clients*. 

Yes, it feels absolutely amazing to NAIL IT the first time around, but often, revisions are needed to refine and that’s totally okay.


Over the last 2.5+ years of design work, revisions have become less about pushing for perfection, and more about allowing me and my clients to fully trust the process.


Using multiple rounds of revisions allows us to further refine their vision and ensure that we’re getting to the truth of who they really are and making sure that it represents them fully, so that we’re focused on getting them the results they’re truly after. 

It’s within these rounds that I’ve found myself and my clients are most inspired and creative, but more than that, my clients receive even more clarity on their next level. This is wildly important to me because I want every single one of my clients to walk away with a website and brand that is a direct reflection of their uniqueness. 

Just another reason why all of my designs are custom to each client… I want their brands and websites to be designed and built specifically for them, so they inevitably attract the exact right clients for them and have an online presence that supports them in reaching their next level and hitting all of their income goals. 

Sound like exactly what you’re looking for? Reach out me to here so we can talk about what that looks like! 💌