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If I could pick 1 thing I’ve heard the most from my clients over the last 4 years as a brand designer and now brand coach, it would be…⁣

“I don’t know how to own what’s so unique about me and express it in a way that other people understand.”⁣

So if you’ve ever felt stumped on defining your uniqueness or how to own it more fully in your brand messaging and marketing, you’re not alone. As a brand coach who regularly supports clients in bringing their uniqueness into crystal clear focus and owning it online, it also isn’t as complicated as you may think… and I want to break it all down for you. ⁣

This episode is for you if you’ve ever had a hard time seeing yourself clearly (everyone raises their hand 🙋🏻‍♀️), if you swear there’s nothing unique about you (a lie!), or if you feel disconnected from yourself and always seek outside input before moving forward with anything in your business or life.⁣

I’ll be diving into the “secret” (that’s not really a secret) on how to finally own your unique brilliance for real, step into your power and confidence, and attract clients who are all in on you and excited to pay you for being exactly who you are. ⁣

Tune in to episode 1 as I share: ⁣

✨ The exact areas I focus on with my coaching clients that you can use to help you uncomplicate your uniqueness and what you can share in your marketing to connect with more of the right people in your audience ⁣

✨ How to zoom out and view the growth points of your life and business, understand how it’s all interconnected, and how you can apply that knowledge to how you show up online in the present ⁣

✨ A vulnerable personal share and the shift that made the biggest difference in allowing me to feel more grounded in who I am and what I have to offer ⁣

✨ The decision that you get to come back to again and again in your business (and life) to strengthen your innate worthiness so that you can show up powerfully in the fullness of who you are and attract people who resonate⁣


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