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For coaches and creatives looking for simple,
authentic and creative design

The  upleveled  website  you’ve  been  dreaming  of. 

I so get it. I was where you are just a few years ago myself. 

When you’re just starting out and trying to DIY your own website, it can feel completely overwhelming… like stomach in knots and I might throw my laptop out the window if I have to watch another tutorial and it doesn’t work AGAIN

Even being in the creative industry for 10+ years (I’m a graduate of the NYU film school + was a past professional photographer), I 100% know that it’s incredibly hard to jump into the creative when you’re working on something that’s so personal and vulnerable. 

It’s confusing to know the right steps to take when you’re working on something that you’re so passionate about and want to perfectly represent YOU. You want it to be just right. 

I say this with so much love:

it’s time to get out of your own way and hand your website over to an expert,
so that you can finally have a website that doesn’t bring you shame and actually brings you ALL the dream clients. 

I approach websites from a holistic perspective, which is different than most other designers.

What this means is that… for me, the WHY behind the website is just as important, if not more important, than the HOW of putting together the design and strategy. Let me explain…

I started my online business just over 2 years ago as a Virtual Assistant, providing high-level support to my clients who are mostly coaches and creatives. I know exactly how those business work, their service offerings, how they speak to their clients, and how they move clients through their programs.


So basically I know the ins and outs of the tech as well as their strategies and how all of that comes into play when designing a website.

You see, for all these years, I’ve been able to pull back the curtain on them and their businesses and armed with this knowledge, I know exactly how to take that, add in the magical combination of your WHY, how you want your potential clients to feel before they even book a call with you, sprinkle in the design and translate that into a stunning website that comes across not only as authentically YOU but is highly converting as well.


When coaches and creatives come to me for web design,
they end up getting so. much. more.

I love nothing more than diving deep into understanding my clients and fully supporting them along the design process in any way that I can so that we can turn around and create the website of their dreams, which in turn allows them to be positioned as the expert that they are AND serve their clients at a higher level.

So not only are the websites I design beautifully built but they’re strategic so that your site stays focused on you and your expertise and on converting your site visitors into paying clients. Since my background is in film and photography, I have an artistic eye and love to design sites that are simple, authentic and creative.

Let me take a guess on
exactly what’s been going through your head lately: 

There’s soooo many design options to choose from.
How do I know which one
will look both beautiful and professional,
come across as authentic AND help my viewers become clients

(Or maybe you’ll just change it AGAIN a few weeks later) 

Is this website the best representation of me and my business in the online space?

(….or should I make it more like
her website?)

Will I ever have the website I truly want?

(I hate to break it to you but it’s nearly impossible when you go at it alone
and without the proper knowledge or experience) 

Here’s what I know to be true: 

  • You didn’t start your business to feel stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated every single day
  • You didn’t start your business to work harder, trying to learn every little thing all by yourself, just to move your business forward
  • You certainly didn’t start your business to become an amateur web designer and waste your most valuable resource: YOU

Take this as your sign to: 

  • Stop watching all those YouTube videos and tutorials late into the night, trying to figure out how to make that one thing on your website function properly
  • Say “no more!” to the stress and overwhelm and frustration (and dare I say panic) that comes along with trying so hard to produce something outside of your zone of genius
  • Let go of the shame and the idea that you have to do it all yourself
  • Release the false idea of “that’s the best my website is ever going to look.”


What you can expect:

It’s time to have a website that when you look at it, you feel immense pride and you come alive because it feels exactly like you… and not just “good enough”. It’s totally possible to have a website where you can feel your own magic jumping off the page. 

Are you ready to feel the relief that comes from working with an experienced designer who is ready to take over juggling all of the tech, design, strategy, and confusion you feel? I’m hoping you’re going to say YES. 

Bringing the website you can picture so clearly in your mind
into reality doesn’t have to be complicated. 

What’s Included:

  • Initial Strategy Session 
  • Domain and hosting setup
  • A custom designed home page + up to 5 additional pages
  • Social media integration 
  • Integration with your email service provider and payment processor (as needed) 
  • Recorded live demo of your finished site, walking you through how to use it and make updates
  • Tech support for 1 week after website launch

*Copy and additional photos to be provided by the client. Domain and hosting to be purchased by the client. 

Investment: $2800

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